Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Road Trip: End Notes

Some final scattered shots:

1. Country music, says Marty Stuart quoting Harlan Howard, is three chords and the truth. You could say that about the blues too, for one.

2. Go to YouTube to see Marty Stuart's rendition of Merle Travis's Dark as a Dungeon. Just deeply affecting and beautiful.

3. I learned a new high country verb, "to neighbor" as in spending arbitrary time with someone such as with next chair reserved seating over a four day festival, and the the guy saying at the end, "Well, it's been nice neighboring with you."

4. I had some communication problems with a mohel (aka "moyel" or "moil") from Brooklyn. He kept telling me he was down here for  Moilfest, and couldn't understand why I kept talking about crowds of tens of thousands. He was at a festival for mohels strictly from the five boroughs, and only forty of them were attending it.

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