Monday, January 12, 2009

The Curious Case of Max Pearce Basman

I have a grandson named Max who is 3 soon turning 4. I also have a grandson named Leo who is 1 soon turning 2. This note concerns Max. We have Max and Leo overnight most weekends. Max is busy during the week and does not have much time for television what with meetings, conference calls, binge shopping for stuffed animals, working seminars, crisis-driven all nighters, high level consultations, play dates, public presentations, day care, audits, monitoring his piggy bank, mergers and acquisitions, story time and a frenzied exercise regime of Brazilian jujitsu and Russian Systema relieved by warm milk and naps with his stuffed kitty. When he comes to my house he likes to watch the small kids channel-—Tree House. And we have an ongoing debate about how much or how little he can watch. Well, last night, I relented and let him watch it after he said, “Well, I’ll only watch just a little bit.” I said, “Maxie, don’t you worry about it. You watch as much as you like.” He looked at me quizzically and said, on my oath, “Well, that makes no sense.” I called Harvard Law and spoke to admissions. He’s in.

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