Saturday, November 23, 2019

Cultural Criticism: Is It A Lost Cause: In A Few Words, Why It’s Not

‪Calum Marsh:‬‬

‪Me, note to Marsh: ‬

‪It’s trite that social media form the platform for our, say, North American, English speaking conversation. And it’s trite that we live with hyper partisanship, connected to that very virality. So, rather than taking in the conversation informed by viral partisanship, better to avoid it, seeking out criticism and reviews that avoid it. Swim around it rather than drown in it. ‬

‪As for deep reading, it need not be devoid of common sense and filled with academic abstraction. Rather, it can try to penetrate the meaning of worthwhile works, evaluate their aesthetic worth and say why. Lots of room In that for a rich and lively diversity of considered views. And without it getting partisan or ideological, deep reading can further involve trying to locate works culturally, asking and trying to answer what they say about us in our moment.  Norman Podhoretz noted the conjunction of these two aspects of criticism against a false opposition between them.‬

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