Monday, September 9, 2019

Such A Brief Note On Elmore Leonard’s Out Of Sight And Its Movie Version

I just finished reading Out Of Sight. I liked it a lot, one of Leonard’s better books, and I like the movie too. But I like the book better for as good as the movie is. In the book, Foley gets off no hooks. He didn’t have to rob banks: that’s his choice. So he’s going back to the grey bar hotel. All at Karen’s doing. In the movie, he’s too romanticized. George Clooney plays him for one thing and the movie loses the difference between Foley’s and Karen’s ages. But the big thing is she’s letting him off the hook. She pairs him up with Samuel Jackson, a nine time escapee, who’s nowhere in the book. And they’ll get away again. The book doesn’t relent on Foley being imprisoned by the life he’s chosen.    

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