Tuesday, April 16, 2019

A Beginning Note Of An Account Of Intersectionality

Is this a good beginning of an account of intersectionality?

It’s the allegation of a convergence of different forms of oppression on both individuals and groups that establishes a hierarchy of oppressive victimization with the most aggrieved identities at the top and the most privileged identities, such as white males, at the bottom but with the bottom ruling and suppressing the top.

The convergence, figured as an intersection of oppressions, rests on an analysis of society that, continues the allegation, the causes of oppression are systemic or structural, built into the way society is formed as a matter of its history and its practices, institutional and otherwise, by the hegemonic privileged intent on maintaining their power and control.

Since the rhetoric of liberal democratic values and the noted practices are pretext for the oppression they serve to protect, truth-shattering power lies in the articulation of  experience of oppression. That articulation cannot be gainsaid by studies, scholarship or facts and figures—evidence—that point away and, so, distract us from this truth. 

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