Saturday, September 29, 2018

Note To A Friend As To My Reponse To The Kavanaugh Confirmation Process

Thanks for the wise words.

Yeah, fretting, of a constant kind, is also a good way to describe how I feel.

Kavanaugh’s worst case is pretty far reaching. Can he continue to sit on the DC Circuit court? Will a law firm have him? How does he ever get out from under a perpetual cloud? We’ll survive, no doubt, but Kavanaugh  and his family I’m not so sure. Although I feel  most badly for them, at the heart of my feelings about it all is my impotent fury with the reprehensibility of the D tactics.

I’m under no delusion that most Ds will ever be placated or satisfied. The stated presupposition of the woman who yelled at Flake in the elevator is that “investigation must lead to ‘No.’” The Ds were at “No” from before the get go. The Ds’ insistent stooping to “by any means” tactics has tipped them over into their losing their minds as they and their base, and more than their base, more or less the entire left of that country, are in the clutches of a moral fervour that merges in their collective mind the worst of scorched earth with righteousness. They’ve lost sight, so many of them, of their own hypocrisy. 

What Kamala Harris did at the hearing before this issue arose was maliciously misleading and anger-arousing but I could live with it. I could ascribe it sadly to “it’s politics” and think “so it goes.” But what we have now is so wrenching, such an apotheosis of the excesses of #metoo married to sheer political opportunism that has lost sight of its take-no prisoners character-assassinating self, that, I think, the only answer to it all that can satisfy me and purge my deep anger and disgust, my only means of “fighting back,” so to say, is Kavanaugh’s ultimate confirmation. 

And maybe in saying that I’ve hit on the underlying reason for my persistent fretting. 

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