Monday, July 23, 2018

....And Who Should Scape Whipping...


Ok, it’s out of context, but:

...and who should ’scape whipping...

In Canada when I was young and green, and not dry behind the ears, whipping was part of the punishment available for sentencing under our Criminal Code.

It was eventually outlawed on some rationale in Canadian terms of cruel and unusual punishment.

But honestly, I’m starting to wonder: had the Danforth shooter lived, considering the guy who murdered 10 innocents by driving down a Main Street in Northern Toronto, considering the brutalization or killing of children, vicious rapes and other egregious, shocking heinous criminal acts at a minimum, why not some flogging as part of the punishment, maybe a stroke or two at the end of each year of the sentence, giving the guilty something to dread for the entirety of the year?

Consider the 4 policy pillars of criminal sentencing:

Specific deterrence: why not?

General deterrence: why not? 

Rehabilitation: why not on the theory, “I’ll never do that again”?

Retribution: you betcha!

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