Thursday, June 21, 2018

Zero Tolerance v Catch And Release


I see a lot of skirting around what seems to me the fundamental issue with respect to the border issues, even more basic than separating families: it’s catch and release versus some form of zero tolerance. 

I don’t think anything will satisfy Ds short of a return to civil infractions for 1st time crossers—second timers are felons under law—the effect of which has earned it the nickname “catch and release,” which seems to me to be in its effect a kind of lawlessness under the thin, gossamer veil of law. I can’t see a return to that policy as a matter of substance or of politics, that is to say, substance as such and  politics coming from this Administration.

So does a solution lie in the continued misdemeanour route if there is a way to keep families together that doesn’t amount to sheer incarceration tied to much more resources for, and expediting of, the asylum claims? 

Can the EO get to this balance? Maybe, but I’ve no sense of that either way.

I’ll repeat my previous link to David Frum’s highly regarded article on this in the Atlantic:

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