Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Exhilaration As Transcendence


A deep insight from Jordan Peterson.

He argues that deepest within us is the inclination to transcendence. Whether that has its source in evolution or God, it is immanent in us. When we experience transcendence, we glimpse, we experience, our highest mode of being.

And then he gives plain spoken examples—the exhilaration in hearing great music, experiencing great art, the joy in ideas, the wholeness and thrill of creativity, the deep satisfactions of love, sex, sex in love, love in sex—that coexist with other less plain spoken examples such as mystical experiences, ecstasies, the effects of certain chemicals, out of body experiences.

Our exhilaration is our experiencing of our deepest immanence, of revelatory meaning, of transcendence.

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