Sunday, December 8, 2013

Short Note On Easy Money

I just saw Daniel Espinosa's Easy Money. It has a lot of excellent elements:

good acting,

a strong story line with good side stories that flow easily and naturally in out of the main story,

individual exciting or touching scenes, as intended, especially between the enforcer, Mrado, and his daughter,

the cross sections of Swedish society spanning from immigrant low level criminals to the elite rich and their families,

the familiar, but no less interesting for that, theme of a young man from the provinces, the business student J.W. needing to present himself as rich to maintain his place with his fellow students, the elite rich of his generation he socializes with and the woman among them who falls in love with him and therefore turning to a one off criminal involvement to get rich,

the surprise at the depth of her love for him,

the inherent and remorseless murderous corruption, as in "no honour among thieves," of criminality, and its breeding of desperateness and delusion for those who would seek to gain by it.

And other things too.

But it's often insert, with dull scenes between characters that take too long without enough pay off to warrant their length, and with their inertness being inexcusable.

So I struggled to watch it through, feeling there was something ongoingly worthwhile in it but frustrated by what an effort it all was.

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