Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dear Harvard Law: Max Pearce Basman

You will remember that I confirmed your acceptance of my grandson Max Pearce Basman: http://http// Max was three.

Wise decision I wish to confirm. I was this very day reading him, now five, and his brother Leo, three, The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. I asked them both whether the princess was right to reject, finally, the prince, after beating down the dragon as she did. Max said without hesitation "Yes". When I asked him why he said because, I paraphrase, but it's pretty close, "It doesn't matter what's on your outside, it's what's inside." I asked Max where he learned that. He said, and I paraphrase, but it's close, "I figured it out myself."

By the way Leo took the opposite position and when Max insisted on his own view (already a litigator), Leo started to sulk, with an implicit threat of tears (already an alternative dispute resolution specialist). Something has to change there or the kid's gonna' do his law schooling at Yale.

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  1. Yep, they're quite a pair. Leo's heavily into princess dresses these days as many of my father's readers must know. While visiting Toronto last weekend, Leo insisted I wear a dress to go out for dinner with Aviva and my father. I complied, obviously. I even asked him to suggest some jewelry from among his fine collection and he was almost shaking with excitement in his blue Cinderella dress as he handed me his long, metallic green and gold necklaces to drape on.

    Then Leo decided we should "make a play." He often asks Max to play the prince for their make believe games, and usually Max agrees. Except that evening: "Why," Max asked, facing his own game in the corner, "do I ALWAYS have to be the prince?" I told him to suggest another character he might want to play instead. The wicked step-mother, maybe? "No," he sighed, with the resigned world-weariness of his 5 long years. (I paraphrase, but it's close): "We all have roles to play, I guess."

    Lainie B.