Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm a Doctor

As the now holder of a Juris Doctor(ate) (replacing my old L.L.B.), I take the positon that I am now a Doctor:

Evidence that the J.D. is a doctoral level degree:

The American Bar Association, which regulates and accredits the Juris Doctor degree, authorizes holders of Juris Doctor degree to use the title "Doctor" which is sometimes used to refer to holders of research doctorates, and some local bar associations in the United States have also issued concurring opinion statements. However, one Australian academic institution has stated that, despite its name, recipients of its Juris Doctor are not entitled to use the honorific title "Doctor" at that institution.

Some academic and professional organizations describe the J.D. distinctly as a professional doctorate.

Like holders of research doctorate degrees, holders of the Juris doctor are issued doctoral robes in ceremonial contexts.

The Juris Doctor is the sole graduate degree of some university presidents—a position for which universities commonly require a Ph.D.or comparable (i.e. terminal) degree—is a J.D. (e.g. former Harvard president Derek Bok, and the presidents of Columbia-- and Johns Hopkins universities).

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