Sunday, February 1, 2009

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I agree that there appears to be a battle in various school constituencies over the science curriculum right now, Roger, and I think we'd be on the same side of that battle, but I guess I'd disagree that the atheists themselves are carrying on a "worthy fight". The point, to my mind, is that science and religion are different in their approach to reality, meaning, purpose, etc., and that trying to mix them together ends up undermining both. If you want to say, on the other hand, as you do, Itzik, that the mere coexistence of the two is "horseshit" then you're obviously trying to use control of the school curriculum as a weapon against people's religion, and it's little wonder you have a battle on your hands. But that's a fight that's neither worthy nor necessary.


"...Larry, I agree that the religion and science are different approaches to reality, the latter evidence based and rational, the former with nothing to distinguish it at it's core from what is at astrology’s core. What is indefensible in principle is any claim for their compatibility which rises above the trivial, since the two don't straddle each other, the two deny each other. But what is “obvious” to you is not the case. I don’t want to use the school curriculum as a weapon against people’s religion—what an odd comment that is. I want all religion out of the school curriculum. What people choose to believe is their business of course and if they kept it their business, there would be no problem. The problem has been and is, some places, things like wanting to make the study of I.D. a subject worthy of “scientific” equivalence with the study of evolution, that is to say, not keep it their business. That’s the horseshit—-as is the principled claim for compatibility-- the former being part of of a real fight, and a worthy one, the latter an issue of clear thinking, for anyone who cares to engage that issue. If people don't, I could care less..."


"...p.s. Insofar as there as a cultural battle is going one with folks like Dawkins and Hitchins and Harris and others making a concerted attack against religion, I think that it is a good for fight for them to make, offensive tonalities notwithstanding. The fight is against superstition that claims itself as truth and seeks power, and if left unchecked would try to flow into every vacuum it could, I'd guess. It is the religious who create the problem by not keeping it to themselves..."

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