Saturday, July 6, 2019

An Addendum To My Thoughts On Kawhi Going To The Clippers

Hey buddy, one amendment: as these things go, the factor of the money seems to have in fact been on the lower rung of the ladder of what counted for KL: the Spurs had offered him a max contract of 220 million US for 5 years; the Raptors offered him 5 years at 190 million (I think US); and, so, it’s estimated all in all he left about 80 million US on the table. At these levels, these top tier guys are so affluent, making as much off the court as they do from the court, that the big money is an incredible given and while overarchingly it “frames and informs” all that goes on, in these discrete, specific decisions, the money doesn’t seem to matter that much. The Warriors offered Durant a five year contract for about 220 million US and he signed with the Nets for four years for 164 million US, which projected out an extra year comes to 205 million, and so a 15 million US difference plus a guaranteed year in case or career affecting injury. 

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