Sunday, May 19, 2019

To A Movie Reviewer Who Shall Go Nameless, A Note On Wicks

Dear ....

Honestly, I don’t get it.

You’re a smart, educated, enlightened guy; how can you expend any energy on this crap, unless it’s simply a job necessity?

Not being paid to review anything, I’m free to swing wilder.

I saw 1 and thought it was terrible, just a blood soaked, violent flick with an attempt to hip it itself up by winking at itself—a massive cop out—and saying in effect, “It’s only make believe,” as Conway Twitty sang. With nothing redeeming about 1, it’s basically porn, just fetishizing something different than sex. 

So I watched 2 out of curiosity and in the thought that maybe I missed something in 1. I didn’t: as the old Jewish joke, adapted, has it, “I can say one thing good about 1: 2 is worse.” Even what story there is 1, essentially pretext for the violence, as in all porn, is diminished to virtually a 0 in 2. And the violence-caused-blood soaked-running water filling the cinematic bath tub spills over the tub’s walls and splays and splashes everywhere leaving only a bloody mess.

I won’t watch 3 unless my curiosity kills the cat of my resistance. 

But even if I do, 1, 2 and 3 contribute to our increasing moronism, desensitization, vulgarity and steeply declining seriousness. You’re none of these and have none of any these in you, which, apart from job demands, makes your expending better-spent-elsewhere energy on this all the more puzzling.


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