Thursday, May 24, 2018

Illusion v Delusion


A-for-me elusive distinction—illusion v delusion: here’s what I worked out just today without looking it up:

an illusion occurs when external factors deceive us into thinking X is Y because X looks like Y even though it’s not Y—there’s no fault in the person making the mistake;

a delusion occurs when even though X doesn’t look like Y and there’s no real reason to confuse the two, we mistake X for Y—our delusion is our fault. 

Now that I’ve said that, here’s an online set of distinctions:

........1. Illusion pertains to unreal vision. Delusion can be said to be a false belief.

2. Illusion can be said to be one that fools the mind and delusion is something one perceives to be truth even after other contradict it.

3. Illusion pertrains to the mind and delusion pertains to belief.

4. Illusion can be termed as perceptual disturbance, delusion can be called as belief disturbance.

5. Illusion is smething that is caused by outside influence but delusion is caused by one’s feelings....

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