Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Shapelessness Of Water

I generally don’t like in movies magic realism, fables, allegories, science fiction, fantasy, and people and sea creatures rising from death to live happily ever after together under water. 

But I try keep an open mind when I reluctantly see one of these genres. 

I reluctantly saw The Shape Of Water.

I wasn’t bored by it. It wasn’t uninteresting. It was dramatic at points. But in the end I found it off putting and pointless. So I guess all the dislikes I first listed kicked in. I could see what its themes are, I think, and the institutions and human types the characters were proxy for, but my mind wasn’t provoked and I wasn’t moved.

My problem is I like movies about real people with real problems. Take Manchester By The Sea for instance. A painful but magnificent movie experience, I found. It’s like a piece of perfectly cooked, rare to bloody steak to The Shape’s appetizer of mock crabmeat. 

I’d give The Shape of Water 2.5 out of 5 and wouldn’t recommend it.

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