Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Silva v. Griffin

First a few words.

Anderson the Spider Silva is a world class athlete, his sport cage fighting also known as mixed martial arts. He operates at the level of Ali in Ali's prime, and at the analogous levels of say Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps and other like truly elite athletes. To watch him is to watch a cobra, poetry in motion, the perfect integration of brilliant athletic intelligence and sheer athletic prowess.

Understand too that Forrest Griffin is no slouch. He is one of the top light heavy weights in the game, having defeated Quentin Rampage Jackson for that belt, losing it to Sugar Rashad Evans, who himself then lost it to Lyoto the Dragon Machida, also a magnificent, brilliant Brazilian fighter, like Anderson, both of them great friends with black belts in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Note well that Anderson Silva is middle weight champion of the world, who typically fights at his most natural fighting weight of 185 pounds. Here he moved up to 205 pounds to fight the top ranked Griffin. The Spider fought once before at 205 pounds against James the Sandman Irvin, a well respected fighter, and put him away after just over a minute.

Watch how the fight starts with Anderson feeling Griffin out, letting Griffin, renowned for his aggressiveness, come to him; note how he switches from south paw to right handed; note how once he gets going he bobs and weaves, striking like a snake, playing chess with every defensive and offensive parry or thrust; note how he Ali like stands in front of Griffin with his hands down, challenging Griffin to hit him; and note how he totally dominates Griffin for about 4 minutes before he finally puts him away.

Note how he is so superior to Griffin he makes him quit rather than go on, how he, in other words, takes away Griffin's heart.

You will never have seen anything like this. I guarantee it.

And you are welcome.

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